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Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Volume 3 Number 3


The fishing industry has had a major impact on the image and character of the Firth of Clyde and many of its coastal towns. It is a complex, traditional industry and holds great economic importance for many rural communities around Scotland’s coast, including the Clyde, as well as political influence (SSMEI, 2010). In the Clyde, fishing occurs throughout the area and the main landing ports are Campbelltown, Tarbert, Ayr and Troon and some smaller fishing ports, Greenock, Largs and Rothesay. The Clyde had once been a productive fishery for demersal, pelagic and shellfish but is now primarily a shellfish fishery. The locations of the main fishing ports in the region where landings have been recorded are shown in Figure 6.1.

Figure 6.1 The locations of the main Clyde fishing ports where landings have been recorded. The principal fisheries management legislation Acts that are applicable to the Clyde are included in Table 6.1. The list should not be considered a comprehensive list and does not include the statutory instruments implemented under the different acts throughout the years.

Table 6.1 The principal fisheries management legislation Acts that are applicable to the Clyde. The list should not be considered a comprehensive list and does not include the statutory instruments implemented under the different acts throughout the years.

Year Title 1885 Sea Fisheries Scotland Act 1891 Fisheries Act 1893 North Sea Fisheries Act 1915 Fishery Harbours Act 1934 Illegal Trawling Act 1955 Fisheries Act 1962 Sea Fish Industry Act 1964 Fishery Limits Act 1966 Sea Fisheries Regulation Act 1967 Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act 1967 Sea Fish (Conservation) Act 1968 Sea Fisheries Act 1970 Sea Fish Industry Act 1973 Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act 1976 Fishery Limits Act 1984 Inshore Fishing (Scotland) Act 1992 Sea Fisheries (Wildlife Conservation) Act 1992 Sea Fish (Conservation) Act 1994 Inshore Fishing (Scotland) Act 2000 Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Amendment (Scotland) Act 2005 The Registration of Fish Sellers and Buyers 2009 Marine and Coastal Act 2010 Marine Scotland Act Some of the legislation changes have had a profound effect on the behaviour of the fisheries such as following the introduction of the Buyers and Sellers registration in 2005 which resulted in an almost complete stop to black landings around Scotland. However, since the Buyers and Sellers regulation there has also been a dramatic increase in the levels of discarding of finfish across all age groups suggesting that the legislation has controlled landings rather than catch.

A ban on trawling in the Clyde was originally introduced in the late nineteenth century after fishery scientists at the time suggested that the Firth of Clyde fisheries were becoming depleted due to excessive trawling (Thurstan and Roberts, 2010). The Act was then amended in 1934 to include beam and otter trawling under the Illegal Trawling (Scotland) Act 1934. The closure remained in place until 1962 when the Sea Fisheries (Scotland) Byelaw (No.65) came into effect which permitted summer (1 May to 30 September) otter trawling within the Firth of Clyde except within a 3 nautical mile limit (Figure 6.1). Further legislation in 1968 (Sea Fisheries (Scotland) Byelaws no.’s 80 and 83) enabled fishing to take place throughout the year. The 3 nautical mile limit remained until 1984 (Inshore Fishing (Scotland) Act) when it was repealed under pressure from the industry during a time when demersal finfish landings were in decline. Sea angling was at one time a major sport and tourist attraction in the Clyde, which began in the 1960s. However, with the decline in catches sea angling in the Clyde is not what it used to be. SSACN blame poor fisheries policies and practices combined with political ineptitude, resulting in the removal of many gear and access restrictions in the 1980’s, to be the reason that the quality of sea angling has drastically declined. This suggestion was further supported by Thurstan and Roberts (2010) which linked the collapse of the demersal fisheries in the Clyde with the removal of the 3 nautical mile closure.

With regards to legislation applicable to the herring fishery in the Clyde, it was also prohibited to pelagic trawling for herring until 1962. In the same year a Byelaw was passed which prohibited fishing for herring by any method between midnight on Fridays and midnight on Sundays. The spawning ground for herring located on the Ballantrae Bank had originally been closed in 1860 but this was repealed in 1867. The bank stayed open to fishing until 1972 when a seasonal closure was introduced from 15 February until the 30 April each year. There was an exemption for anchored drift nets but they became included in the seasonal closure in 1977 (Bailey et al., 1986).

The measures which remain in force in order to protect the spring spawning herring are as follows;

a complete ban on herring fishing from 1 January to 30 April a complete ban on all
replica ray bans forms of active fishing from 1 February to 1 April on the Ballantrae Bank spawning grounds a ban on herring fishing between 00,00
replica ray ban sunglasses Saturday morning and 24,00 Sunday night. 6.3 Stock Assessment

ICES provides scientific advice on the management of the important commercial species of fin fish and some shellfish stocks in all areas of the north east Atlantic. For the purpose of assessment, ICES divide sea areas into sub areas and divisions. Annual Total Allowable Catch (TAC) quotas are agreed for each of the fisheries in each division. Ideally these are based on scientific advice which is given in accordance with the precautionary approach and aimed at keeping stocks above the reference point of Bpa (if this is defined for the stock). This work is summarised in the annual ICES advice. ICES is responsible for providing scientific advice on TACs and other conservation measures to the international fisheries commissions, including the EU. In addition, since 2010 ICES has given advice in relation to Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY).

The Firth of Clyde falls into Division VIa which stretches from the North Channel of the Irish Sea to 60N and west to 12W including the coast of Scotland as far east as 4W including the Clyde. For the main demersal species stock assessments are carried out at the level of VIa. Thus assessment and setting of Total Allowable Catches is carried out at the level of the ‘West of Scotland’ rather than the Clyde. The main exceptions to this are Clyde herring, Nephrops and scallops, which are assessed locally.

6.4 Pelagic FisheriesThe Firth of Clyde was once the centre of a major herring fishery which had been prosecuted in Scottish inshore waters since the 15th century (Rorke, 2005) although it has been subject to major fluctuations (Bailey et al., 1986). The biology of the Clyde herring stock has been studied since the late 1800’s following the opening of a temporary laboratory at Tarbert, Loch Fyne (Gordon and De Silva, 1980). In the past the fishery was almost entirely dependent on spring spawning herring which spawn locally on Ballantrae Bank in the Firth of Clyde until about 1969 when a new component of autumn spawning herring gradually increased in importance in landings and was predominant by 1972 (HAWG, 1978). Although autumn spawned herring formed a greater part of the Clyde population, there was no evidence of autumn spawning occurring within the Firth (Wood, 1960; Saville, 1962).

Although there had been no significant change in the abundance of the total herring population, the spring spawners had decreased in the early 1970s which was accompanied by an increase in the absolute abundance of autumn spawners. In 1979 TAC regulations were imposed on the stock in addition to a closure of the fishery from October through till May in response to the clear evidence of a decrease in the abundance of spring spawning herring (Bailey et al., 1986). The cause of this decline may be natural as it can be attributed with the reduced recruitment of the local spring spawning stock, but the effects of intensive exploitation cannot be ruled out (Bailey et al., 1986).

In Scotland, records of herring landings were kept even before the Fishery Board for Scotland was formed in 1882. The fishery was prosecuted by anchored drift net and ring netting until pair trawling arrived in 1968 and became the predominant method by 1973 (Bailey et al., 1986). Catches increased to a peak between the late 1950s and mid 1960s averaging around 14,000 t per annum after which the stock began to collapse (Bailey, 1986) (see Figure 6.2).

The Firth of Clyde is part of ICES Division VIa and in the 1970s all the herring stocks in the adjacent areas to the Clyde were at a low level. This led to Division VIa herring fishery being closed in 1978 but because of the complex origin of the Clyde herring population, ICES advised that the area be treated as a separated management unit. A small TAC of 2000t was agreed in 1979 for the area (Bailey et al., 1986) and the first analytical assessment was carried out in 1982 (Hatfield et al., 2007). Management of the Clyde has remained separate since 1979.

Landings of herring from the Firth of Clyde fluctuated about a long term average of 14,200t in the period 1893 1960, from 1960 1978 the average landings were down to 8300t and only 2400t from 1978 1984 when landings became regulated. Since 1991 catches in the Clyde have exceeded 1,000 t only once (see Figure 6.3). The reasons for the collapse of the Clyde
discount ray bans herring are not clear cut however declining spawning stock biomass, high fishing mortality and lack of recruitment to the local spring spawning stock may well have been causative (Bailey et al., 1986).

Figure 6.2 Herring landings in the Firth of Clyde (1000 tonnes) 1890 1984 (Source, Bailey et al., 1986).

Figure 6.3. Herring landings (1000 tonnes), 1955 to 2009. Spring and autumn spawning herring combined. Agreed TAC 1984 2009.

Today herring in the Clyde are exploited by a small number of local trawlers and by pair trawlers from Northern Ireland. There is not much information on the current status of the stock as catch and sampling data availability has been minimal since the early 2000s. Thus, the precise status of the stock is uncertain; the stock is low but there is currently no evident downward trend. The Clyde herring stock is recognised as a separate stock but is not currently assessed analytically.

In 2011 under the provisions of the TAC
cheap ray bans and Quota Regulations (57/2011), the European Commission has delegated the function of setting the TAC for certain stocks which are only fished by one Member State, to that Member State setting out a mechanism for how the TAC should be determined. This provision currently applies only to the Clyde Herring stock. However, as mentioned, Clyde Herring is a very data poor stock which makes this task more difficult. It has been proposed, in the absence of a detailed assessment, to set the TAC for 2011 based on the recent stability of the fishery at an average of the TAC set for the last 3 years.

Despite the management measures imposed on the Clyde herring fishery such as the closure of the spawning fishery, there is so far no evidence of recovery of the recruitment to this stock.

6.5 Demersal Fisheries

In the Clyde yields of demersal fish increased rapidly after the repeal, in 1962, of the long standing ban on trawling in the area up to 3 nautical miles from the coast. The demersal fish landings continued to increase up until 1973 when landings reached a maximum before starting to decline (Hislop, 1986). In 1984 the 3 nautical mile ban was also lifted in order to try and maintain catch levels. This proved ineffective and demersal fin fish landings continued to decline until the early 2000’s when the directed fishery effectively ceased (Heath and Speirs, 2010). In addition, the total demersal fishing effort in the Clyde had risen since the 1960’s almost entirely due to an increase in trawling for Nephrops from which there was a large by catch of whitefish. According to the Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistical Tables (SSFST), which were published annually by DAFS, the annual weights of all demersal species landed at Clyde ports, in the early 1980’s, ranged from 4,000 to 10,000 tonnes, valued at 2 5 million. In terms of value, cod and hake were the most important species in the Clyde fishery; these species composition of landings in the Clyde are unusual for a Scottish inshore fishery in that the proportion of haddock is rather small, while that of hake is relatively large.

The demersal fishery was seasonal on the Clyde grounds and most of the fishing effort took place during the winter and spring, partly because catch rates were relatively high at this time of year and partly because the area provides shelter from the winter weather. The Clyde fishery depends to a large extent on young fish and the relative importance of the principle species fluctuates from year to year in response to variations in the strength of the recruiting year class. Although there was no conclusive evidence that the Clyde populations were self contained, all the major species are known to spawn within or close to the area and tagging experiments had shown that there was not much mixing between Clyde fish and those from surrounding areas. Historically, the most important single species in the Clyde demersal fishery in terms of landings has been whiting (Gambell, 1965).Articles Connexes:

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It’s not the first act of a horror movie, but a real, baffling disease that had doctors puzzled at the beginning of the 20th century. It’s called encephalitis lethargica, or the sleeping sickness, and it struck
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It began with victims complaining of a sore throat, right before it escalated into a goddamned living nightmare, the victims afflicted with hallucinations and madness before their bodies ultimately locked up. While sufferers appeared to be asleep, they were actually fully conscious but unable to move. Many died during this stage, but for those who recovered, the nightmare was far from over."After discussing what a pain in
cheap michael kors the ass recovery will be, his father and I have decided to pull the plug."

Survivors of the sleeping disease suffered horrifying behavioral problems for the rest of their lives, becoming excessively violent and regardless of gender somewhat rapey. On top of all this, they became emotionally indifferent, unable to recognize, for example, the beauty of art. Ten years after the epidemic struck, new cases suddenly stopped appearing, its only legacy being the alien clones it left behind.

Nearly a century later, doctors still don’t know what the hell was going on there, although
Cheap Michael Kors handbags they realize it was some kind of brain thing. One hypothesis is that the bacteria that caused the sore throat triggered an immune response that also destroyed parts of the brain, but many scientists still think a virus is the more likely culprit.

Graham Colm

Seems a little lazy, Science.

In the meantime, the occasional case still crops up, to the scratching of many heads. Now try not to think about this the next time you get a cold, you poor bastard.

4. Jumping Frenchmen of MaineDue to either a healthy sense of humor or an absolute lack of imagination, neurologists have settled on "Jumping Frenchmen of Maine disorder" to describe the
Michael kors handbags outlet bizarre condition first documented in the northern parts of Maine by George Miller Beard in 1878. That’s when Beard noticed that a lot of the French Canadian lumberjacks of the region were, uncharacteristically, jumping and screaming like little girls at the slightest provocation."Here’s where the t HOLY PANTS SHITTING CHRIST!"

And even weirder, victims dealing with Jumping Frenchmen aren’t just easily spooked sufferers will enact basically any simple command, as long as you shout it at them suddenly, like "throw that beer" or "kick that stool" or even "punch that guy." It’s apparently due to some heightened state of suggestibility, combined with an overactive startle reflex that turns victims into short term robot slaves. And no, this is not a
replica Michael Kors outlet good thing to have when you are frequently found holding a giant axe.

The absurdly specific disease appears endemic to parts of northern Maine, and is largely restricted to those French Canadian lumberjacks, which suggests that it may be genetic, or else it’s environmental, or somehow psychological, which all together rule out practically nothing. Some victims also display signs of echolalia (automatically repeating sounds they hear), which led some to believe that they suffered from either a form of Tourette’s or being a giant parrot in a human skin suit, but investigations show it doesn’t appear related to either condition.

3. Nodding SyndromeAround 2010, a mysterious disease came
Michael Kors handbags outlet to the attention of medical professionals when it cropped up in East Africa, which is saying something, because there are so many awful diseases out there that it can be difficult to track them all. It’s called nodding syndrome, and for good reason: Victims are struck by an uncontrollable head nodding, as if they are
michael kors handbags outlet forever enjoying a catchy song that only they can hear."What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me ."Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

Jun 23

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Top 7 Steps In Forming A Buyer’s Co

As an individual buyer, you probably spend a lot of time comparing costs, looking through flyers for special deals, and keeping track of
Michael Kors handbags bargains or manufacturer’s "special purchase" offers. Everyone knows that buying in bulk gets you the best possible prices, but most often one individual
replica Michael Kors handbags or business finds it prohibitive to buy in bulk.

But by joining forces with other consumers and consolidating your buying power, buying in bulk becomes very affordable and manageable. More and more business people are looking into the power of "cooperative" buying in short, forming a "co op."

First of all, it belongs to the folks who use it those who have joined together to provide themselves
replica Michael Kors outlet with whatever it is they need. In other words, the "raison d’tre" for a co op is to serve the needs of its members.

Generally, the member owners share equally in the control of their organization they may meet regularly, elect directors or advisory boards from among themselves, and even hire people to manage the day to day affairs of the organization.

In any case, members are expected to invest in shares in the business in order to provide capital for the operation. This is usually accomplished through imposing an initial membership fee to join the organization, and then an annual fee thereafter to remain a member. In
cheap Michael Kors addition to the obvious benefit of having greater buying power, all net savings left after expenses are traditionally returned to
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet members either in the form
cheap michael kors of greater discounts on purchases, or annual cash pay outs in the form of dividends, or both.

Some of the steps involved in forming a co op include:

Hold a meeting, and appoint a steering or advisory committee.

Once the advisory committee has completed a survey or needs analysis, a vote can be taken on whether to proceed.

Develop a business plan, and draw up the necessary legal papers to incorporate.

Hold a meeting of all potential charter members
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet to adopt the by laws and elect a board of directors. Assign responsibilities to implement the business plan.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

Jun 23

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Downtown Partnership team up to keep downtown safe and inviting

Spokane Police is
cheap ray bans asking the community to establish a code of conduct to help make downtown a safer place to visit.

On Wednesday, the department teamed up with the Downtown Spokane Partnership to ask people what they would like to see addressed in the downtown area.

There are a variety of answers to what could make the downtown experience better. While some of those requests are personal, Spokane Police and the Downtown Spokane Partnership are focusing on some of the other issues that can be fixed.

"Make it more comfortable by addressing things that are not just crime in the downtown," Captain Judi Carl said. "There are more behavior problems that seem to be a concern down here."

Jaywalking, panhandling, littering, loitering and big groups making loud noises are some of the more common occurrences.

"Those are a lot of the pressing issues that really create a sense of un comfort," Mark Richard, president of Downtown Spokane Partnership said.

Starting May 1, police and downtown ambassadors will give out warnings in hope of getting voluntary compliance. However, if need be, police will cite or arrest people as a last resort.

Captain Carl said they’ll also offer services to transients and others living on the streets. It’s part of their plan to implement the City’s sit and lie ordinance that bans people from loitering on downtown sidewalks.

"They can look towards education, they can look toward jobs, they can find out where there are services just to improve their quality of life," Captain Carl said.

So people like Ray Tansy can have a stress free outing.

"I like to come downtown," Tansy said. "I don’t like
fake ray bans to pay what I pay in a parking meter, but I like to come down here and shop. Taylor to deliver keynote speeches during Whitworth commencements

cheap ray bans Hill East Spokane NewsCrews contain South Hill brush fireEarly morning fire damages home on E. LibertyComcast job fair to offer hundreds of opportunities June 9Parks and Recreation seeks community input for new wheelparkSpokane Parks and Recreation seeks public input for Southeast Soccer Complex redesign

Spokane Valley Liberty Lake NewsBrowns Park volleyball courts
replica ray ban sunglasses to open with ribbon cutting ceremony June 20Brush fires near Dishman Mica Road fully containedLibraries Change Lives kicks off campaign to support library bond2015 PACE Awards will honor 48 Spokane Valley area studentsValley Real Life to host a vacation bible school in JuneArticles Connexes:

Jun 23

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Megyn Kelly lashes out at feminist

She claimed that this was yet another example of students wanting to a speaker they don happen to agree with, akin to Georgetown students who last week wanted to trigger warnings outside of Sommers talk people could get prepared to deal with their upset. Kelly could let her
cheap ray bans guest speak, though, she provided her audience with a warning of her own that Sommers isn the kind of feminist who will say things that offend conservatives. not the kind of feminist [that college students] believe in, Kelly
fake ray bans told her, you don say the stuff they want you to say, and therefore they want you to shut your mouth, and if you don shut your mouth, then everyone needs to be held before you come on to campus and be told that they can go to their space if you have the nerve to show up. so shocking to
replica ray bans me as a philosophy professor, she added, campuses have become such a hostile environment for free expression. described how when Sommers appeared at Georgetown, the university provided students with zones for people by her presence. Sommers attempted to jump in, but Kelly was on a roll and spoke right over her, saying that she had received so many threats that the campus felt it necessary to provide her with security.Sommers corrected her, saying don know if there were threats, but the tone of the criticism on social media alarmed campus officials. She tried to describe the atmosphere at another speech she gave at Oberlin, but Kelly again cut her off.like we ruining the upcoming generation, she said. doesn involve only people who think the way you think, college students! You have to get used to people with opposing views! agreed, adding that people used to come to her talks to debate her, but now they say that her moderate, liberal views are a threat to their psychological well being.don buy the whole dogma, Kelly said. don buy the numbers on the campus assaults, and neither
discount ray bans does Britt Hume, and a lot of other people who aren sexist or misogynist. concluded the segment by recounting words of my old trainer, Dave, back when I still worked out: up, Buttercup! the entire exchange below Fox News below.Articles Connexes:

Jun 23

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Denny Morrison in Calgary bike crash

Olympic medalist speed skater Denny Morrison could be facing charges
replica Michael Kors handbags after he was involved in a crash between his motorcycle and a car Thursday evening in Brentwood.

Morrison’s bike struck the vehicle hard enough to tip it over onto its side.

Two people in the car a Toyota Corolla were not hurt.

EMS say the motorcyclist was taken to Foothills Hospital.

Thursday evening, EMS spokesperson Darcy Vink told the Sun he believed the patient injuries to be life threatening, but Friday morning, EMS spokesperson Adam Loria said his
cheap Michael Kors injuries were serious but not life threatening.

Speed Skating Canada said in a release to media issued Friday morning, suffered a clean fracture through the middle of his femur and will need an operation for the placement of a metal rod to stabilize the femur. police traffic Staff Sgt. Paul
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet Stacey said, frankly, the motorcyclist is lucky to be alive. impact was significant enough that it knocked the car over . there are strong
discount Michael Kors indicators of high speed, Stacey said.

Stacey a veteran police officer
cheap Michael Kors outlet also said he never seen a crash like it.

Calgary city police look over the scene of an accident at 32 Ave. and Brentwood Rd. Calgary, Alta. on Thursday May 7, 2015. Denny Morrison’s bike collided with a Toyota Corolla, flipping it on its side. Morrison was taken to hospital in life threatening condition, but his condition has been upgraded. Stuart Dryden/Calgary Sun/Postmedia Network

Investigation into the incident continues, with Stacey saying it too early to speculate exactly what charges could or will be laid.

Morrison, 29, is a four time Olympic medallist in long track speed skating.

Speed Skating Canada high performance director Brian Rahill said the organization thought are with Morrison and his family.

the supervision of our head doctor Victor Lun, we know that Denny is in the care of the best medical professionals, Rahill said.

is premature at this point to determine what will come next, as well as the duration of his convalescence.

Olympic medalist speed skater Denny Morrison could be facing charges after he was involved in a crash between his motorcycle and a car Thursday evening
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet in
cheap Michael Kors Brentwood.

Morrison’s bike struck the vehicle
replica Michael Kors outlet hard enough to tip it over onto its side.

Two people in the car a Toyota Corolla were not hurt.

EMS say the motorcyclist was taken to Foothills Hospital.

Thursday evening, EMS spokesperson Darcy Vink told the Sun he believed the patient injuries to be life threatening, but Friday morning, EMS spokesperson Adam Loria said his injuries were serious but not life threatening.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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